Shanghai ants moving transport co., LTD
Shanghai ants moving transport co., LTD

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Shanghai ants moving transport co., LTD
Shanghai ants moving company and Shanghai each big strong moving company to transport,Has is a large-scale moving company in Shanghai,For a long time,Shanghai moving company in line with ants“Safe and fast、The integrity is maintained、Reasonable cost management、Perfect service”The management idea,For the general customers to provide quality、Efficient service,By the vast number of customers common recognition and support。
  Shanghai move with ants1T to5Tons of various types of fully enclosed type cars moving car80More than cars,Its vehicles with rain、Wind、Prevent bask in、Safety and health protection features such as dust,Suitable for government agencies、Colleges and universities、Hotels、Enterprises and institutions、Households、Valuable equipment、Archive material、Office supplies and food、Drugs、Clothing, etc。
  Shanghai ants move since the establishment of persistence"The customer is supreme、Reputation first"The management idea,To let customers rest assured quality、Service satisfaction、Handling or move the best service in a timely manner,In line with to the credibility to win customers,For quality development of standards for enterprises。 Have all kinds of moving vehicle100Many cars and loading and unloading machinery,Main management project residents move、Office buildings、Industrial move、Foreign move and goods distribution transportation。 More and more>>

Service scope

  • Shanghai residents to move

  • Shanghai long distance to move

  • Shanghai industrial equipment field

  • Shanghai commercial buildings to move

  • Shanghai air conditioning switching

  • Shanghai small transport

  • Shanghai lifting installation

  • Shanghai disassembling furniture

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