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  • 2019-3-19
    PVC-UPipe fittings product features
    PVC-UFeed pipe is health grade PVC resin as the main raw material,Produce a water supply pipe。Anhui provincePVC-UPipe with excellent chemical corrosion resistance and insulation、Product size stability、Material in the chamber of secrets、Uniform wall thickness、Withstand voltage、Flame retardant、High strength、Pipe wall smooth、Low friction resistance,...
  • 2019-3-14
    Anhui provincePVC-UFitting instructions before purchase
    PVCDrain products based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material,Add the right amount of stabilizer、Lubricant、Filling agent、Toner by extrusion or injection molding of plastic pipe or fitting。Small make up today to tell you is to buy from anhuiPVC-UPipe fittings before buying information characteristics of its products。 1、PVC-U...
  • 2018-3-14
    Ridge suye tell you,pvcHow to improve the output pipe fittings manufacturer
    With the rapid development of construction industry in our country,The market forPVCFitting the demand of had the very big rise。A lot ofPVCPipe fittings factory has a lot of production orders。But for these manufacturers still need more efforts in terms of breakthrough output,In this way can we have a better development。Month ridge suye tell everybody a here...

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    Company profile
    Month ridge suye co., LTD., founded in anqing city2008Years,Is a registered with the approval of relevant departments specializing in the productionpvcPipe fittings,Has the quality system。Ridge suye the registered capital200Wan,Is located in convenient transportation of anqing city in anhui province on hills industrial park。 The company is located in the hometown of huangmei,A famous cultural city with a long history——Anqing city,The transportation is convenient,Highway、Railway、Airlines、Water transport, etc。Rich in tourism resources,In the decades to more than one hundred km radius of huangshan、The jiuhua mountain、Tianzhu mountain、Lushan scenic spot, etc。 Company's main tee、Cross、The floor drain、Trap、Vent cap、Make inspection、Basin, etcpvc-uPipe fittings。Since the company since its establishment,Our company according to the trend of the development of market economy,On the premise of economic globalization gradually develop themselves,Guide constantly...

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