Wine departmentGuizhou moutai co., LTD(The prince of wine、Yingbin wine)
Wuliangye Yibin Co., Ltd
Changyu wine co., LTD
Chateau lafite(Imported from France)
The foodCoconut palm coconut juice group series products
The king of d
Or milk tea
Qiaqia seed products
On the seed products
Guangyuan biscuit series
Pingyao trillion fai piece of series of steamed buns
Henan Song Dou old stubborn series kitchen baking pot stewed chicken eggs
Chongqing fu rhyme rice noodle
The supermarket departmentTunLiu ore macro kay supermarket
Commodity departmentTaiwan's(China)Daily necessities co., LTD
Digititan battery series products
EmployeesThe sales team
Department head

    The British trade co., LTD., established in changzhi city2009Years5Month(Its predecessor was tunliu Chang Village anglo-dutch comprehensive wholesale department was established in mining area2002Years11Month26Number)The general taxpayer enterprises。
    The charge of changzhi city trade co., LTD. Is seventeen famous brand changzhi region agent。
    Changzhi city cooperative enterprises have anglo-dutch trade co., LTD:Guizhou moutai co., LTD、Wuliangye Yibin Co., Ltd、Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Limited、Coconut palm group、The king of shanxi d food co., LTD、Zhejiang or food co., LTD、Chacha Food Company, Limited、Lafite(Imported from France)、Hubei guangyuan food co., LTD、Shanxi pingyao trillion fai food co., LTD、Henan Song Dou old stubborn kitchen food co., LTD、Chongqing fu food co., LTD、Yuncheng salt lake valley expo food factory、Taiwan's(China)Daily necessities co., LTD、Fujian nanping digititan battery co., LTD. Cooperation enterprise。Is the enterprise product changzhi area agents。
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